A special gift for a special person

How it works

Time has run short, and you want to gift someone special a drink? We got you! We have categorized our drinks to make it easy for you to pick the right gift for the right occasion. No stress, no hustle even at the last minute we will deliver on time to your special someone or your new business partners.

Men’s treat

Do you have a friend who is celebrating a milestone in their life? Gift him one of these special set aside drinks that vary in prices. Go ahead and pick one on your price range and send them a special message telling them congratulation.

Women’s treat

Is it your sister’s birthday, has your best friend achieved something good in her life? Gift her a special drink to congratulate them on their achievements.

Corporate/ business gifts

Have you closed a deal that was stalling for long? Gift your business partners a good drink from Boozeman to appreciate them and to celebrate the new deal. Seal the deal with Boozeman.

New relationship / Engagement

Gift your crush, your lover, or even someone special to you a special drink from this category and tell them how much you care. They will never forget such a special gift.


Can one send a special message with the gift?

Yes, one can send a special message to the person they are sending the gift. We will print out the message and send it out with the gift. Sending the gift with a message is essential so that the receiver can know where the gift came from. But then if one chooses to send the gift anonymously, that is how it will be sent.

How long will it take to deliver the gift to the gifted?

Delivery will take 30 minutes, but if one has a special request of when the gift should arrive to the gifted, it will be honored. One can even call us to request when the gift should be delivered or if it has reached the intended person.

Can the gift be wrapped like a gift when being delivered?

Yes, the gift can be wrapped as a gift if one requests it to be wrapped like one. If a person does not request the gift to be wrapped, it will just be delivered just like regular orders. One can even request for the color of the wrapper of the gift. It can be the favorite color of the gifted or even a color that signifies a special occasion between the one giving the gift and the one receiving the gift.

We will deliver on time.