Let's booze up your office

Give us your budget, and we will deliver the drinks to your doorstep.

Corporate Delivery

Having an office party and you are having a hard time choosing the best drinks according to the budget? No worries we can help you with that. Give us your budget, and we will deliver the drinks to your doorstep. Best believe you will enjoy your office party.

How corporate Delivery works

Are you an event planner who has no idea of what drinks to buy for the event? Or you have been chosen to organize the office party, and you do not know what to buy? Relax we’ve got you covered. Just give us your budget, and we will take care of the drinks. We will make sure to choose the best drinks and deliver them on time to the office or the event. Before the delivery of the drinks, we can send you the list of the drinks we chose to see if they are suited for the event. If one feels like they want to choose their drinks, that is okay; we will still deliver the drinks to their location.


For our return customers, we will always have a list of your previous drinks, and we can deliver the same order whenever you need it. One can also modify their order, but one thing we are sure of we promise quality drinks at the right moment.

One can also schedule for the drinks to be delivered on a weekly or monthly basis. In this case, one does not have to place the order every time; we will deliver on the exact date at the exact time. One can cancel the subscription any day before the day of delivery has reached. One can also save all their drink orders in the favourite section so that if next time you want to order the same drinks, one can just easily reorder the drink.

Got any problems determining what kind of drinks you require at the party? Relax, we have the solution. Just ask us what type of drinks to serve at the party whether to use drinks that are in cans or if the party is a glass type of party.

We also offer birthday gifts, retirement gifts, promotion gifts to members of your office, or even clients. Tell us when and what to send, and it will reach them on time. You can even add a note to all the gifts you send out without any struggle.

If the office needs restocking for any drink, contact us, and we will refill your office supply of drinks at an affordable price. It can be a weakly thing, and we will always restock the drinks even before you notice the drink supply is running low.

Here are some pointers for office parties

Mingle with other co-workers, not only people from your circle. It is important to mingle with others because you can be surprised that one person you see as weird has some exciting ideas. When everyone is a little drunk, they acquire a little added confidence to talk and mingle. Use this opportunity well and who knows you might get a new exciting friend from the office to make your life a little more interesting.

Always eat before drinking; hence it is important to have snacks during the office parties. Eating will help people to absorb alcohol well and not sleep because they drank on an empty stomach. This will also help in the hangover sector the next morning.

Do not drink till you get stupid drank like you are having a night out with your friends. This is an office party, and the boss will most likely be present. Behave yourself so that the next day you still have a job to go to. Drink responsibly and don’t be the person who drinks too much in the office party, making a mess in the toilets.

An office party is a social thing where you exchange ideas with your co-workers to better the company. It is not a place where you play loud music and shout all you want. This is a workplace hence have slow, silent music that encourages people to mingle.


How can I pay for the order?

One can pay for the order with either cash cheque after it clears or through M-pesa after the delivery. The M-pesa pay bill will be provided to you by the delivery person. A company can also contact us if paying by these two methods will not be possible, and we can work out a payment plan with them.

Can my order be delivered cold to me?

Yes, we can. Anything to make you happy. You can add a special request if you want your drinks cold and we will arrange how to ensure your drinks get to you cold and on time. Advance notice can also be made to us that you want your drinks always delivered cold and we will grant your wish.

Is it a must to schedule the order a couple of days prior?

No, it is not a must. You can order two weeks prior, a day prior, or even 60 minutes before the office party. We will deliver on time all the drinks that you requested in the condition that you want. If the office party gets rescheduled, we will also reschedule the delivery to the new day of the office party.

Best believe you will enjoy your office party.